Do you have a special letter in your possession? It might be a tangible reminder of someone who has been an important part of your life. Consider that someone took the time to think of you, write down their thoughts, and sign their name. You probably even recognize the handwriting as uniquely theirs. Letters bring a taste of nostalgia.

Woman excited about reading a letter
The Whole Story Source—Legacy Letters can help you host a letter-writing event.

Oftentimes these now-keepsake letters weren’t written about anything significant, only to bring a friend or relative up to date on family news. But in hindsight, these bits of information can become puzzle pieces of a family heritage or cherished reminders of loved ones passed.

Maybe even now you get excited to find a letter in your mailbox. Why not revive the art form of letter writing. Unfortunately, when communicating today, we are more likely to text message, post on social media, or maybe make a phone call. There’s not much permanence in these methods and leaves nothing behind for future generations to discover. Worse yet, it’s an impersonal way to communicate how much you care. Think about it, we’d rather broadcast to the worldwide web than send a personal message. You can change that!

“Letters can be read over and over again, savored when you sit down with a cup of coffee, or discovered again at a later date.”

Imagine, letter writing becoming the latest trend and you are a part of it! The Whole Story Source—Legacy Letters would like to encourage you in your letter writing. You can begin individually, or you can host a letter-writing event and we can help.

Kinds of Letters

  • Heartfelt letters
  • Event letters
  • Special event celebrations
  • Milestone letters
  • Forgiveness letters
  • Healing letters
  • Life-review letters
  • Letters to be read in the future

Event Venues

  • Family occasions
  • Those needing trauma healing
  • Special interest writing groups
  • Church groups
  • Those interested in ancestry research
  • Elderly facilities
  • Veterans
  • Mental health practitioners

A Legacy Letters workshop is the perfect way to bring value to the people your company or organization serves. Contact us, we can work with you to design and schedule an event tailored to your needs.