You have a story to tell and someone wants to read it. It may be about a singular milestone event, your life story, or someone’s biography. Remembering and reminiscing can make fun conversation, but it’s up to you whether memories will be recorded for future generations to enjoy.

If posting on social media or using an app to print a photo book isn’t your idea of creating a permanent record for your precious family stories, we can help.

There are many good reasons to write a legacy book… 

Your life is unique and has value. Research has shown that a life review—recounting your story—can be therapeutic. Or maybe you have a passion to share a life experience that others can learn from. Perhaps you are interested in genealogy and need a place to record your family tree, pictures, and biographies.

Don’t forget about the photos

How do you store your photos? They are absolutely irreplaceable, but If you have not intentionally printed them out or put them in book form, it is unlikely future generations are going to search your computer or backup files to find them! 

Get published

Maybe, just maybe, your family story is so compelling that a wider audience needs to read it and it warrants being published. We can help advise you and prepare a book proposal for a publisher.

Share with others

The great thing is that books can be printed in multiples and tend to be kept rather than tossed. Whether you attract a publishing house or self-publish your book, it can be given away, sold, used to tell your business story, or become a cherished, family keepsake.

How we work with you to produce your legacy book:

  • Theme and content determination
  • Evaluate whether to write the book or prepare a proposal to present to a publisher
  • Research
  • Write the story
  • Edit the manuscript
  • Cover design
  • Select photos and graphics
  • Format and layout book
  • Final corrections
  • Ready for print or uploading

Your story written, edited, proofread, designed, and formatted ready for print or uploading for self-publishing.

Is there a book within you waiting to be written? The Whole Story Source can work with you to write and prepare your book for printing or uploading for self-publishing. We can also prepare a book proposal ready to present to a publisher. Contact us to discuss your legacy book.