Your written words are powerful messages that affirm the value of each person’s life! We are here to help you to create a beautiful letter or life story book to leave as a legacy for this generation and those who will follow.

Your thoughts, sentiments, and precious memories are meant to be shared—not just temporarily through text messages and social media—but personally and permanently. What better way to begin to leave your legacy than to create a permanent record of what’s important to you to be read by those you care about. The Whole Story Source–Legacy Letters staff are here to work with you to professionally produce a keepsake, legacy letter or legacy book.

Start your legacy now

Only you have lived through your life’s experiences. And those experiences have not only shaped your values and beliefs, but they have defined the lessons you have learned. The Whole Story Source can ensure the enduring influence of your story will be shared with others. Check out our offerings.

Legacy Letters—Realizing most of the messaging we do today will not live beyond the next post or will be buried under urgent emails, we will help you craft a meaningful, hand-written letter that will be deeply appreciated by the recipient and possibly kept for future generations to enjoy. Our legacy letter writing workshops will help you and your group be intentional about making memories last.

Legacy Books—Every life has a story and every story holds value for someone. Yours is one of them! Capture family history, feature precious photos, and outline genealogies all in one place—a legacy book. Books can be reproduced in multiple copies to be shared with family members and discovered by future generations. Your story may even have publishing potential. We offer writing and editing services and can create a book layout ready for printing.